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As young people growing up on farms in northeastern Nebraska we had always picked the wild fruits that grew along the roadsides and in pastures - the chokecherries, mulberries, elderberries, crab apples and wild plums. As we grew older, we continued to pick the fruits and made jams and jellies to give as gifts to family and friends. Everyone enjoyed our jams and jellies and wanted more.

We began to produce our fine products commercially in 1980 - the outgrowth of a hobby. Our jams, jellies, butters, spreads and syrups are, in fact made according to old family recipes enjoyed and handed down for several generations. We have more than forty flavors.

Batches are carefully measured and weighed and hand stirred in large kettles. We use no artificial flavorings or preservatives. What you taste in our products is the pure, natural fruit with a smidgen of love in each jar.

Grandpa designed the wooden gift crates and for years assembled every crate we sold.

It is very satisfying to be able to perpetuate a tradition of wholesome, homemade jams, jellies butters, spreads and syrups. It is gratifying to know what we had taken for granted and lavishly enjoyed as part of our rural heritage is indeed the same as many people remember fondly and are eager to enjoy again. We hope you enjoy our products

Additional information:

This has always been a family operation. Ferd and Delores Lintel founded the company in 1980 and did most of the work for many years with occasional help from their children, eldest son Tom and youngest daughter Theresa. When the grandchildren got to be old enough they helped pick the wild fruit. While the work was hard, these were fun family outings that the children will remember all their lives.

In 1989, Brian Barry (Theresa's husband) started working for the company as a manager, salesman, and jack of all trades. He called on our retail store customers, built the display cases, made crate components and anything else that needed doing. Our accounting software was written and is maintained by Brian.

Over the years daughter Theresa became more and more involved and is now in charge of the kitchen, orders the raw fruit, manages the cooking staff and does whatever needs to be done.

Tom has helped quite a bit over the years as well and became much more active in the company in 1992. He focuses on sales, equipment and long-range planning and takes care of taxes.

The truth is because this is a family operation there is much overlap in duties and responsibilities. When something needs to be done, we all pitch in to see that it gets done.

The name, "Grama's" comes from note received from a granddaughter that was addressed to "Grama". It seemed like a perfect name for this family operation.

Grama and Grandpa are mostly retired now. Grama still helps at area craft shows, picks fruit and helps at product demonstrations in retail stores.

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